image of the back of a school bus
School Bus Safety

The district partners with First Student to provide bus transportation for all students who live one mile or more from the school. Information about bus routes and schedules can be obtained from the MSS Skimm, the SAU (746-5186), or on the school district web site (

Elementary students will need written permission from their parent/guardian to ride a different bus, to get off at a different stop, or to go home with someone other than their parents. Without a note, students must ride their regularly assigned bus or follow their normal routine. The driver or school official may assign students to a seat. Please remember, riding on the bus is a privilege.

School Bus Safety Rules:

  1. Be courteous
  2. Cooperate with the driver at all times
  3. Stay in your seat
  4. Keep bus clean
  5. The following are NOT permitted on the bus:
  • profane language or gestures
  • eating or drinking (except on athletic charters)
  • smoking
  • damage to bus or equipment
  • fighting
  • pushing or shoving
  • pets
  • weapons
  • flammable materials