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A Note Regarding Prescription Medicine: Dear Parents, In order for prescription medications to be given at school, a written statement or an order from the physician’s office must accompany the medication. The physician’s statement must contain the following:

  • The student’s name
  • The physician’s or other licensed prescriber’s signature and

phone number

  • The name, route and dosage of the medication
  • The frequency and time of administration
  • The date of the order

This applies to daily medications and occasional or as needed medications, such as inhalers and antibiotics.

An adult must deliver the medication to Maple Street School in a labeled prescription bottle with the student’s name and prescription information. Any medications sent in plastic bags, envelopes, or other containers, even if labeled by a parent cannot be given at school. Any changes to an order, such as a new dosage, will require a new physician order. Medications will be kept in the nurse’s office and may not be carried in a student’s backpack, lunchbox, etc. Forms are available at MSS to bring to your doctor, or a form from the physician’s office is acceptable.

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